Enhance your current catering arrangement with the pure play raw bar services of Vineyard Sound Raw Bars. We pride ourselves on bringing the freshest most elegant raw bar solution to our customers.

By strictly delivering Raw Bars, we are able to focus all of our attention on the skilled shucking and direct sourcing of the finest shellfish available at the time of your event. All products are purchased from licensed purveyors. Whether it’s a local Katama oyster or an imported oyster from the far off coves of Prince Edward Island, Vineyard Sound’s distribution contacts can deliver the exact product mix that your tastes require regardless of regional bed closures.

Our sauce recipes and presentations are unique to the company and have been honed to the ever-demanding tastes of our customers. Please give us a call, 508 243 6242, so that we can start to work together on bringing your guests the most authentic and pleasing coastal experience.

There will be no spoiled clams and no unwanted trips to the dentist!